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Mario Martin

Mario Martin, Partner & President

Mario Martin is a retired Senior Chief Corpsman and Combat Support Operator with over two decades of proven internationally diversified combat leadership experience. His experience encompasses all aspects of Naval Special Warfare Operations up to the USSOCOM level in combat casualty care, management, planning, training, operational, tactical, budgeting, acquisition, and supervisory.

Mario is an expert in the planning and execution of small and large scale Medical and Casualty Evacuations in austere environments, providing the best trauma and medical long care for combat casualties during the multiple deployments in his career.

He has executive level decision making skills and problem solving experience in time sensitive crisis response and emergencies, planning, foreign relations and areas concerning strategic management and international diplomacy. Worked as Tactical Center Operations Chief in the hostile operating areas of Iraq, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Central and South America.

Mario grew up in Peru and Argentina with his native language being Spanish (DLPT V 3/3/3) and with experience operating in South and Central American countries. This has allowed him to be the “go to guy” for multiple military packages in specific areas of operations. He is excellent in community relations liaising and maintaining working relationship with partner forces, government and non-government agencies allowing them to thrive in difficult and sensitive geo-political environments. He provides Operational Security and situational awareness training for austere and urban environments in both Spanish and English.

He has provided Personnel Security Details (PSD) team members with over 1000 hours of experience. He co-led State Department planning and training of Tactical Combat Casualty Care, CASEVAC, MEDEVAC, operational planning, tactics for execution of direct actions in austere locations for Salvadorian Commandos. Training was specific to combatting the war on gangs in El Salvador.

He has instructed over 600 hours of Law Enforcement First Aid Responders TCC and Tactical Emergency Casualty Care TCCC as a course instructor for SWAT, SWAT Medics, Dedicated RTF Squads and Federal LE – Secret Service CAT, DEA, DHS-BORSTAR/BORTAC in the Florida Region. This class is the latest addition from the NAEMT and the TCCC curriculum.

Mario has a Master of Business Administration and Master of Science in Healthcare Management.



Dr. Jeffrey Wilson, Partner & Vice-President

Dr. Jeffrey Wilson is a Vascular Surgeon who served more than fourteen years in the United States Navy. During that time deployed as a FRSS Team Surgeon with the II MEF and then deployed multiple times in support of a Joint Special Operations Task Force with an East Coast based SEAL Team. During his seven years with Naval Special Warfare, Dr. Wilson helped develop systems for delivering advanced trauma care in austere environments in denied areas and designed training programs to broaden the trauma skills of NSW combat medics.

Dr. Wilson received his Bachelor’s degree from The College of William and Mary and attended medical school at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. He went on to do both his General Surgery Residency and his Vascular Surgery Fellowship at the University of South Florida in Tampa. In addition to his medical training, Dr. Wilson has worked as a Firefighter/Paramedic, a Jet Pilot, and a Diving Instructor and Dive Master. He now lives in Southwest Florida where he continues to practice as a Vascular Surgeon, writes novels, and continues to work as a consultant and contractor with elements of the Department of Defense.